Enhancing local economic regeneration with a spectacular fusion of British art, fashion, design and carnival

You can use our range of giant figures anywhere in the world to create spectacular high street carnivals and pageants, or you can make a big impact at corporate events with them.

How You Can Make a Giant Impact

YOU HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION by working with The Giants.  You can make a huge impact in your city or town centre and bring crowds out onto the streets, get them to stay and shop.

Your events will link to the national celebration of Queen Elizabeth II as the longest-reigning UK monarch.

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Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on hitting the milestone of becoming Britians' longest-reigning monarch on Sept 9th 2015.

Join us in countdown to Her Majesty's 90th Birthday on April 21st 2016.

The Carnival in Chester could be the Notting Hill of the North

Lord Mayor of Chester
  • National Celebration

    Imagine how your city/town centre would benefit by you creating a series of Giant “OUR QUEEN” events linking to the national celebrations.


and attention with our giants wherever you go

Sculpted by local born Nick Elphick
famous for his work at the Trafford Centre
and with Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Giants return to Ellesmere Port for the
town's annual extravaganza on Sunday 31st may.
Covered by Granada Reports.

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